Friday, January 16, 2009

4th grade - Still life drawing

It is time to try your hand at drawing from real life! In class today, we selected items from around the room and/or the still life box to sketch using what we learned about blocking in (starting with simple shapes) and building detail.
I would encourage you to try this at home! If you practice the skills you learned in class and bring me your work, I will award you some extra credit.

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McHenry Family said...

Mrs. Watson,

I don't know how else to contact you. My son, Nate McHenry, seems to be missing an assignment "Still Life." Is there any way he can make that up if it's not turned in? I just got his grades emailed to me the other day & I try to keep him caught up. I just don't know what goes on at school.


Natalie McHenry