Thursday, March 12, 2009

6th grade - Final homework assignment!



In class today, we covered the basics of two point perspective. HORIZON LINE, VANISHING POINT, BIRD'S EYE VIEW, NORMAL EYE VIEW, AND WORM'S EYE VIEW have all been added to the vocabulary list.

Please use the reference papers I gave you to help you create a 2 point perspective drawing of your own initials. For 10 points, the assignment should look something like this...

For BONUS POINTS you can do any combination of the additional items listed below.

For +5, create one of your names instead of the initials. This could be first, middle, last, or nickname.

For +10 instead of +5, create your full name. This can be first and last, nickname and last, or first, middle and last.

For another +10 points, fully illustrate it in color to present an artwork quality assignment!

As you can see, this 10 point assignment has the full potential of 30/10, or 300%! That would be a fantastic way to boost your grade in art!

This assignment is due next Wednesday, March 18th.

Good luck and have fun!

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