Tuesday, September 8, 2009

2nd grade - "Cloud Shapes"

Last week we painted random swirls of warm colors onto one paper, and random swirls of cool colors onto another paper.

Today we are using our imaginations to try to see things in the randomness of the swirls on the papers the same way we 'see' shapes in cloud formations on a lazy day while resting in the grass gazing at the sky.

On the cool colored paper, you should try to find calm and peaceful images to draw.

On the warm colored paper, you should try to find exciting images to draw.

This is kind of the reverse of what we normally do. Usually, we draw a picture, then color it. This time, we are doing the reverse! We colored, then searched for the images within the colors. It can be very fun and rewarding to stretch our imaginations!

I will try to post some examples of finished projects within the next few days.

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