Thursday, January 27, 2011

3rd grade - Color Theory, part 1

We have begun our review of Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary colors. Check out the 2nd grade postings on color for a complete review of last year's information.

This year we are learning about TINT and SHADE as part of our color theory.

TINT is created when white is mixed into a pure hue (color). The more white, the lighter the tint.

SHADE is created when black is mixed into a pure hue (color). The more black, the darker the shade.

TINTS and SHADES are represented on the color wheel. A tint and shade wheel looks like this.

Some people put tints on the inside of the wheel and shades on the outside, like this wheel. Other people put the shades to the middle. That is how we are doing it in class. There is no right way.

For a complete overview of all the color theory we will cover this year, visit

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