Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fourth Grade Printmaking Project

This year the fourth grade classes made some collographic prints with Ms. Rowland, our student teacher. 

The students used tag board to build an image on their stiff printing board.  Some students layered the tag board, others did not.  On printing day, four palettes were set up in the room; a 2 color warm/tint color combo, a 2 color cool/tint combo, a 2 color warm/shade combo, and a 2 color cool/shade combo.  Students painted the colors of their choice onto the board, then laid a blank paper on top, rubbed gently, and peeled it back off.  Students were encouraged to make up to four prints using various different color palettes.  We recommended a black print paper for the tint combos and a white print paper for the shade combos.  The students then 'editioned' their prints (numbered them in the order they were created, signed them, and gave them a title) and framed the one they felt was the most successful print.

It was a very fun project, and as you can see, created some beautiful results!

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