Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Welcome back to School!

Here we are again, with a brand new school year to begin!  Every year is a clean slate, with oodles of new possibilities and art projects awaiting us!

This year there are a few changes in the schedule.

The biggest one is that there will no longer be specialty classes on Mondays.  That means no art class on Monday. :-(  We will just have to fit all our fun and exciting projects into a four day week!

The second change to the schedule is that each term is now a trimester, rather than a quarter.  This is actually a great thing, because if we can complete a project within a four day week, we can do more projects than in the past!

The final change to the schedule is the arrangement of classes.  In the past, all grade level classes were grouped together in the same specialty for their quarter.  That meant that I spent an entire day for one quarter teaching only younger grades.  Another quarter was spent only with upper grades.  This year, I have one or two classes from each grade level every trimester.  From a lesson planning and supply standpoint, this will be more challenging.  However, storage of drying paint/clay projects should be easier.

Well, what can you look forward to in art this year?

Lower grades (K-2)

We will continue to spend our art time exploring materials and learning ways to express ourselves visually.

Middle grades (3-4)

While still exploring materials and media, you will begin formal drawing lessons, Elements of Design theory, and clay construction!

Upper grades (5-6)

Art lessons become much more structured and formal.  Elements will be reviewed and Principles of Design introduced.  Formal drawing lessons will include perspective drawing and still life renderings.  You will continue with your clay construction lessons.  And new this year, digital photography!  Sixth graders can expect to be treated like middle school students and will receive homework.

I am very excited to see your smiling faces this year and I can't wait to see the fantastic artwork you will create!

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