Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Seeing with artist's eyes, aka using the Elements of Art

This week all 4th grade classes will begin their work in the art room. Our drawing lessons will start with a review lesson on seeing the world with 'artist' eyes. An artist sees the world around him/her as an arrangement of basic elements. The Elements of Art are the basic building blocks of reproducing what we see around us.

There are 7 basic Elements;
1. Shape - everything in the world can be simplified into basic starting shapes for sketching the layout of an artwork.
2. Line - can be used to create surface contours, shapes, textures, and more.
3. Color - creates mood and energy in an artwork.
4. Texture - the way something feels when you touch it (real texture), or looks like it would feel if you could touch it (implied texture). It can lend a sense of realism and variety.
5. Value - the scale of light to dark of any given hue. A gray scale is also called a value scale. Value creates mood, contrast, and variety.
6. Space - a feeling of depth. Basics of space are ... size, placement, detail, and overlap.
7. Form - 3D! Creates realism in an artwork.

The trick it to not only recognize and see the elements in the world around us, but to then manipulate them on paper to create a pleasing composition. But more on that later!
For now, practice at home looking for and identifying the Elements of Art around you!

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