Friday, June 5, 2009

Summer Software Giveaway!

Hey all you Harvest Artists! Here is a summer challenge for you!
Find the EXTRA CREDIT on this blog. Learn about one of them and report in! Add a comment to this blog post and the first TWO reporting in will WIN A COPY OF THE SOFTWARE SHOWN ABOVE!
That's right! I will mail a copy of Crayola's Print Factory AND Magic 3D Coloring Book to the first two blog readers who respond!
Here are the ground rules:
  1. You must be one of my students at Harvest Elementary (yes, my exiting 6th graders can still participate!).
  2. You can have a parent help you!
  3. You must tell me something about what you discovered in the EXTRA CREDIT section. Please don't write a novel!
  4. DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR PERSONAL MAILING INFO IN THE COMMENT! I will announce the two winners in the next blog post and give you the info you need to contact me privately so I can mail you your prize.

That's it! The software is older, I make no guarantees that it will work with your system... but since it is FREE you might as well give it a shot!

Good Luck!


Natalie said...

Sara Draper (3rd Grader) said: "I learned about Claude Monet. He did the paintings that you can still see the brush streaks. They made their own art show because the Salon wouldn't let him put his picture in because they thought it wasn't finished. He is an impressionist. My favorite painting is the one of his garden after he got his surgery for his eyes."

Kate said...

Sara, YOU ARE MY FIRST WINNER! Come see me on Moday and I'll give you your prize. Congratulations!!! One more chance for everyone else!