Tuesday, September 27, 2011

2nd grade - Landscape

We learned that landscape means 'picture of land'. We looked at lots of different types of landscapes to get lots of ideas for our own landscape painting.

We reviewed that the sky comes all the way down to the ground and the ground comes up to meet the sky at a place called the HORIZON LINE.

However, we also found examples of landscapes that had no sky in it at all!

Today we finished up our thumbnail sketches and drew our image onto a piece of colored paper that matched the main color in the reference photo chosen by the student. Then each pencil line was covered with a black crayon line. The crayon lines will help us control the next step of the project.

Tomorrow, we will be using pastels to paint these landscapes. Pastels are soft chalk. They can be very messy, but are extremely fun!  This is why we are using  the black crayon.  They are my favorite medium to use.

Pastels seem to glow, and the crayon lines will help prevent blurring and smearing on the edges of objects in the pictures.

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