Wednesday, September 21, 2011

5th grade - Soda Can Competition!

Congratulations to Wyatt and Natalie in Mr. Christofferson's class!  Wyatt won first place and Natalie won second place in the 5th grade soda can competition!

The Soda Can Competition is an advertising art lesson.  Those students who want to enter create a soda name and label of their very own, tape it onto an empty soda can, and bring it in.  This is not a required assignment.  Only those who want to try to win the prize participate.  The voting on best soda design is done by the 6th grade students.  The first place winner receives a 2 liter of the soda of their choice!  This year, my second place winner was only 1 point short of the winner, so I awarded her with a smaller bottle of the soda of her choice.  Everyone who participated received a small treat for his/her efforts.  This competition is highly anticipated every year.

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