Wednesday, February 10, 2010

4th grade - Op Art project

This artwork involves so many steps that it will take us at least 2 weeks to complete it!

Each student used a practice paper to plan out two images of the same place showing some major change.  It may be a picture of a playground in the summer, and the same playground in the winter.  Or it could be a tree before and after it was split by lightning!  The goal is to have something in both images that can be recognized as the same thing.  We called this the HARDSCAPE.

Once the plans were complete, the students drew out both pictures on white paper.  We are currently in the process of painting them.  Ask your son/daughter how he/she is doing at keeping up with the class.  I encourage students who start to fall behind to come in at recess and work to catch up with the class.

I have a few students who have moved on to the next phase.  Once the paintings are dry, they are chopped into strips, then rearranged in an alternating pattern on a backing paper.  Once that is completed and dry, the artwork will be accordion folded and glued onto a final backing paper.

When completed, the finished piece should be hard to comprehend when looking at it straight on, but will have two artworks that can be seen separately when it is tilted back and forth.

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