Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kindergarten - Week 6

This week we talked about what a Landscape is! Then the students used the pastels (chalk) to create super colorful landscapes of their own.
This is the easiest way to get young students to color all of the sky to the ground and is a precursor to the first grade horizon line lesson.
Ask the students to draw 3 'bumpy' lines all the way across the paper. Help them decide where the sky should be and what the other areas of the picture could be. Options include mountains, hills, rivers, roads, lake, ocean, and 'grass'. Encourage a variety of color choices or you will end up with blue sky, brown mountain, and green grass.

To parents, if you find this artwork truly beautiful, but incredibly messy, do not despair. Instead, spray it with some aerosol hairspray! The hairspray acts like a glue and will 'fix' the chalk onto the paper, making it MUCH less messy.

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