Monday, June 21, 2010

Webelos Scout Art Pin information

Over the years, I have had many boys come to me asking for help in earning their art pin for Webelos scouts.  As part of the requirement, the scout is asked to interview an artist/art teacher to find out information about various art careers.  I have decided to place the interview information here, so any Webelos scout can know that this entry will count for an interview with me!  Good job earning the pin, and good luck with Boy Scouts!


  • Architect - a person who designs and draws plans, elevations, and cross-sections of buildings.  This is one of my personal favorites!  I love designing house plans!  I acted as the architect on my own house remodel.  A sub category of this one would be Landscape Architect - a person who designs the placement of objects, plants, and trees in a landscape.

  • Art Appraiser - a person who decides on the $ value of a piece of art.  

  • Art Conservator - a person who cares for and preserves artwork so it lasts a VERY long time.

  • Art Critic - a person who does for artwork the same job a movie critic does for movies.

  • Art Historian - a person who writes and keeps historical information on artwork and other historical facts that are an important part of the artworks story.

  • Artist - a person who creates art.  Duh!

  • Art Teacher - a person who teaches art.  Hey!  That's me!

  • Cinematographer - a movie maker.

  • Designer - a Fashion designer creates new clothing fashions.  A Graphic designer creates graphics for movies, games, commercials, magazines, billboards... etc.

  • Film Animator - a person who creates cartoon animation.

  • Gallery Operator - a person who owns and operates a gallery.  A gallery is a place to show and sell artwork.  Sometimes the gallery is owned by the artist (like the Kinkade galleries), and other times the gallery is owned by someone who takes artwork on commission (sells it for a % of the sale), or rents space to artists (sells it for a fee).

  • Museum Curator - the person in charge of collecting and displaying artworks in a museum.

  • Jeweler - a person who makes jewelry.

  • Photographer - a person who takes photographs.  This person might work for a newspaper or magazine (like National Geographic), or as a private photographer (for weddings and such), or as a fine art photographer (like Ansel Adams).

  • Potter/Ceramicist - a person who creates hand built pottery.  Sometimes considered a craftsman instead of an artist.

  • Sculptor - a person who creates 3D artwork 

WOW!  That is a long list, but it is not complete!  Although there are many more art jobs out there, this list should be enough for you to get your pin.  Good luck!

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