Wednesday, January 12, 2011

1st grade Mondrian style Paintings

The first grade classes learned about the famous painter, Piet Mondrian, and his particular style of painting.  Mondrian painted simple lines and shapes.  The shapes were almost always painted in primary colors.  He was searching for simple, harmonious balance in each of his paintings.

The first graders all agreed that it looked like they should be able to make their own Mondrian style paintings.  First, students placed lines on their paper.  Some of the lines went all the way across the paper.  Other lines only went part of the way.  All of the lines should have been straight.  Next, students painted only selected shapes in primary red, yellow, and blue.  Many shapes were left white.  The goal was to choose good shapes to paint, so the colors were spread out over the painting and not all bunched up together!  Here are some student examples...

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Kodanshi said...

I like the 5th one. It could almost look like a level in a retro platform jumping game!