Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Getting to know Mrs. Watson

This post is for all the new students, parents, and anyone else who just doesn't know me very well, yet!

My name is Katharina Watson, but friends call me Kate (students call me Mrs. Watson). I am married to the most wonderful man in the world and we have 3 children.

Our oldest son, Matt, is serving in the Marines and is stationed in San Diego. He is supposed to be heading to Afghanistan in February. However, he is currently applying for security clearance to work at an American Embassy somewhere around the world. What adventures!

Our daughter, Helena, is a sophomore in high school and is looking forward to getting her driver's license in a few months. She loves ballet and photography and plays the violin in the school orchestra. She joined Math Club and enjoys spending lots of time with her friends. She spent some time last summer in Europe performing ballet! Next Spring, she will be traveling with the school orchestra to perform.

Our youngest, Will, is in 8th grade this year. He plays lacrosse, is in Symphonic Band (playing the Euphonium), and wants to take up bow hunting. He spent last summer in Washington State learning to sail!

We have 4 pets. Two mini dachshunds, Bella and Demi, and two cats, Tigger and Pepper.

I love being a mom and a teacher! I love to read, draw, design floor plans, and paint. I enjoy tinkering at my house, painting walls and trim. Oh, and I am an artist. I am a realist (meaning that I focus on making my artwork look as realistic as possible), I prefer to do portraits, and my favorite medium is pastels.

My favorite colors are found in nature...

ocean blues,

deep forest greens,

red rock and

sunset hues!

My favorite foods are usually smothered in cheese unless it is a dessert, then I prefer chocolate!

I am older than my kids but younger than my parents and that is all you will get out of me about my age.

That covers the questions that students ask the most.

I love teaching art and truly enjoy spending my time with all the sweet, funny, cute, and wonderful children of Harvest Elementary! I wouldn't be anywhere else!


Momnerd said...

Thank you for going to all this work so we can keep up to date on what our children are doing in art! By the way, your drawings are beautiful. My son has always shown an interest in art but hasn't had many opportunities for it to grow. I look forward to seeing what he does!

Kate said...

You're welcome!