Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Drawing a still life

The third grade has been having drawing lessons this week!

First, each student chose one object out of the 'still life bins'. After drawing it enough times to see improvement, a student would then return the object and choose another to practice with. The goal was to try to get the sizes and shapes right, then add the details!

The next lesson was an arrangement of objects on the center table. In this lesson, the objects had to be drawn in relation to each other. That means drawing things in front and things in back. The objects in front should be lower on the paper than the things in back. Also, students were taught that they can compare where objects seem to 'touch' each other, so they will know how big, little, tall, short, fat, or thin each item should be compared to the other items. This is a fun, but very challenging assignment. To practice at home, collect some items from the kitchen and set them up on the table. Now, draw them! Practice, practice, practice!
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