Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Kindergarten - Week 8

This week the kindergarten classes learned what the term 3D means. Simply put, 3D=3 Dimensional. The 3 dimensions (in kindergarten-speak) are;

Up and Down
Side to Side
Front to Back

3D objects also have an INSIDE and an OUTSIDE. (However, 2D shapes can also have an inside and an outside)

In art, 3D objects are called FORMS.

The human body is called the HUMAN FORM. The students used clay and straws to build 3D FORMS. They learned that some forms have special names, like a CUBE and a PYRAMID.

You can let your child build 3D forms at home using Playdoh (or salt dough...find the RECIPES link in the right hand column) and toothpicks.
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