Thursday, March 18, 2010

An intro to the Principles of Design

Our final 'project' for fourth grade this year was an introduction to the Principles of Design.

First I should mention that the students already know the Elements of Design. Those are the basic building blocks of art. The Elements of Design are:

Shape, Line, Color, Texture, Value, Space, and Form.

Just knowing what the elements are is not going to guarantee a successful artwork. That is where the principles come in...

The Principles of Design are the rules for using these elements well.

The Principles of Design are:

Balance, Proportion, Unity, Variety, Pattern/Rhythm, Movement, and Focal Point.

Over the next couple of years (in 5th and 6th grade) the students will learn more about these principles and how to manipulate them to make their artwork look more amazing than ever before!

Because this was just an introduction, this assignment was not graded.

I have had lots of fun with my fourth grade classes this year and I look forward to more adventures with them next year!
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