Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Art Show!

I want to send out a great big THANK YOU to everyone who participated in and attended the Evening with the Arts on May 1st! It was a very fun evening!

Above is a collection of photos from inside the library that evening. My daughter also took some photos of the hallways. When she downloads her camera to the computer, I'll 'borrow' some of her shots to post on this blog.

While I didn't take pictures of the musical half of the evening, I want to give a great big CONGRATULATIONS to Mrs. Cox, the orchestra, and the choir! What talent! Hey, choir members! That mini musical you did called THE BOX is great preparation for auditioning for musical theater in Junior High! If you thought it was fun, you should definitely consider theater in the junior high and high school! My husband, daughter, and son were also very impressed, so I'm not just saying it because I'm your art teacher!

There are many artworks left from the art show still in my classroom. If your artwork was displayed in the library for the show, we had to remove them to make room for the book fair that is coming Monday morning. Please stop by my classroom sometime this week to claim your artwork!
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