Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cleaning Day!

Today all art classes are spending their time cleaning the classroom. You might think this is an end of year ritual and that it is a waste of instructional time. Not so!

Every term the students have a ton of fun using the art supplies and making big messes. We all enjoy it immensely! However, I explain very carefully to them that it is not right to leave our messes for other people to deal with. Therefore, every term there is a 'Cleaning Day'. The students made the tables and chairs grimy, the students clean them off. They actually have a really great time doing this. I have had many students comment that 'it is so much more fun to clean the classroom than doing my chores at home!' I think it is because it is done together with friends.

Anyway, the classroom will be sparkly clean by the end of the day!


psirako said...

you could post some photos of before and after cleaning.

Heidi Boden said...

That is awesome! Do you get cloth towels for everyone? What do you use? I am getting a new art room next year and I want to have successful 'cleaning days' too. Email me at - THANKS!